From Clinical Hypnotherapist and Esoteric Life Coach, Zane Wheeler, comes an online academy built for those who see life a bit differently. Empaths, sensitives, mystics, we go by many names. One thing we have in common is a desire to heal and bring healing to the world. Welcome to the next step on that journey. 

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What do we offer?

Gnosis (knowledge in Greek) has been linked to the illusive phenomenon of Intuition, or the reception of divine insight through meditation or other transpersonal means. HypGnosis.Academy makes use of these practices to heal lifelong emotional trauma. Amidst a backstory of survival, our students learn to thrive in the turbulence of modern life. Our premier course Shadow to Shine Online teaches proactive, effective, and efficient techniques of Inner Work based on the Western Hermetic Mysteries.

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The long road from Shadow to Shine

An avid, lifelong seeker and student of the esoteric, Zane Wheeler, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, devotes his professional energy toward the healing of the fragmented human psyche - what Jung called the Soul.

Zane, also a self-identifying Empath, is acutely aware of the struggle of such sensitives in these chaotic times. S2SO is his response to this struggle.

With applied Hermetics and proven hypnotherapeutic techniques, Zane weaves an occult tapestry of healing and service, unlike any other course, priming Empaths to not only survive - but to THRIVE.


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