Exopolitics for Awakening Empaths: Part I — Empaths and Starseeds: Two Birds of a Beautiful Feather

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2019

As we continue to bravely ride through what seems to be the longest roller coaster drop to date, many of us are awakening to the reality-shattering existence of our spiritual nature. We’re starting to discover the “I” beyond our name, our job, our memories, our personal tastes, etc. and are tapping into our infinite self— our truest form. As we do, it can be overwhelming to navigate the waves of incoming personal downloads, shifting, shedding, and adjusting. So here’s a write-up on your next giant leap into awakening to confuse things even more…

And onto the discussion at hand: the unlikely yet incredibly vital connection between “Empaths” and “Starseeds”…

Honestly, you’d be completely accurate in your difficulty with connecting the two as they seem like totally disparate topics in an already vast and fringe realm of discussion. But I assure you they are not. And the following serves to help you understand their affinity for one very important reason that will be revealed in a bit.

First, let’s take a moment and draw a through line between the two sub-groups of Lightworkers known as Empaths and Starseeds. Empaths: those that have an innate ability to tune into others emotions as though they were their own. Starseeds: those with a personal belief that they’ve lived lives in other star systems and may be here on this planet by way of their choice to assist in the awakening of humanity. Ostensibly the two seem worlds apart, right? Wrong. They’re actually very similar, and the key to their correspondence rests in their symptoms.

Empaths and Starseeds both live with an undying belief that they’re not made for this place; like they were cut from a different cloth and no one knows it but them. They feel as though normal human interaction is not only banal and inauthentic but can be taxing to their stores of very precious and palpable life force. These are the social introverts whose struggle is one of auto-exile and infinite indifference.

They both are able to tune into others’ emotions and, across a wide study, would be observed as highly intuitive with a predominance of psychic awareness. They are otherworldly, often intellectually adept and simply cannot suffer the restrictions of any type of authority. For this reason, they are the “free spirits” of our society.

Empath and Starseed are two nouns that I happily accept into my personal understanding of self. But my acceptance is a rather recent development. For many years I labored under these banners as a “Sleeping Empath” — one who was victimized by these traits, never believing they would ever empower me. But that was then and this is now.

Empaths and Starseeds labor under these markers for one simple reason: our Earthen society militantly restricts free spirits and thinkers from living a comfortable life in their truth. Beginning at birth, we’re indoctrinated with the beliefs that our imagination is fictional, interconnection starts at the skin, and our feelings are a burden to others.

What’s more, before we have a choice, we’re forced into Pavlovian training programs built to make us the most valuable product producers and consumers possible. Yes, I’m referring to even early grade school. It’s a consciousness trap. It’s limiting, disempowering, and intoxicatingly simple. And because it’s simple, we’re automatically inclined to accept this reality at face value because our synthetically-stressful surroundings hold us at a depleted rate of vibration; lethargic, docile, and frankly, just fuckin’ over it.

But we’re much more than this. We’re inextinguishable sparks of infinite LOVE adorned in fashionable flesh batteries with five senses. We’re seers, mystics, magicians, lovers, and liberators of humanity. We’re here to experience all that our Schoolhouse: Earth has to offer but unfortunately someone long ago thought it would be hilarious to subjugate every soul born to this planet. So here we are: seemingly stuck in the matrix of misery with not a place to run. So we thought…

The fact is: we’re not actually trapped. The prison we thought was real is, and always was, in our own minds. Sleeping Empaths’ moment of awakening occurs when they realize that the Starseed mentality — the “off-planet” mentality — holds the key to the lock on the prison of personhood and the ticket to activating their powerful Empathic tools that reside dormant, just beneath the surface of their awareness.

It’s time to shake off the shackles and unlock your power, Brave Empath! Your brilliant journey begins with the acceptance that we’re not alone here in this beautiful Multiverse…not even close. Continue reading for your next piece of the puzzle…


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