Are You a Sleeping Empath?

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2019

In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. 

— George Orwell

It took quite a long time for me to see that I was an Empath. I remember the day I heard the word…

“I hear that you tune into others’ emotions. You’re pretty spiritual too, right? Maybe you’re an Empath…” the woman said as she made my sandwich on my lunch break from work. My world opened like the sudden release of mental inflammation.

I’d never heard of such a thing. I was however acutely aware of the struggle I’d faced since what seemed like birth. You know the one: insecure, exiled, apart from the herd — a free-thinker, as it were. I always had some self-righteous resistance to following the flock. I never wanted to conform. For a long while, punk rock had my answers, as those angry guys and gals seemed to speak the dissident language of my soul. But, now this — Empath. It was an elegant new word which I had to digest.

As I eased into accepting this curious noun as a part of my identity, my life seemed to make more and more sense. But, what I didn’t realize was that the concept of the Empath has built within it an unfortunate glass ceiling. You see, the Empath is fundamentally a victim of their gift/burden of emotional sensitivity. We are honored to have these intuitive abilities (and probably wouldn’t trade them for anything else) but we also feel subjugated by them. Held down. However true this may seem though, I call bullshit.

We feel held down — yes — most do from what I’ve heard. But what if our subjugation wasn’t due to the abilities we were blessed with but was a product of the society within which we live? The one that is terrified of our gifts. Our Draconian, debt-based system wants nothing more than docile factory workers who are excellent consumers but nothing else. We’re spoon-fed spirituality through the confines of religion, and even our innate intuitive sense of maintaining well-being in our own bodies is robbed from us by an over-suggestive medical system. Seems bleak, right? Well, you’re right, it is. But, what isn’t bleak is that spark of vivid color that shines forth from the heart of the awakened subjects the moment they remember their true power. The Empaths are the front lines of these awakened souls.

The human being is a multi-dimensional, spiritually-attuned, spark of infinite creation in a meat suit. It’s easy to think we’re less than we actually are. We are not factory workers, however. We are infinitely more important than that, and our role here is one of courageous light-bearing slated to shake the sleeping masses from their slumber. It’s no small accident we feel the way we do as Empaths. Humankind is supposed to be sensitive to their fellows’ feelings and thoughts! We are all one, and the Empathic lifestyle reflects an evolution of awareness that is occurring as we speak.

My Cosmic Purpose, as dictated at the onset of my life here on Earth, is to assist the victimized, downtrodden, Sleeping Empath in awakening once and for all! If you feel like you’ve never fit in, like this Earthly life isn’t for you, like you’re misunderstood, cast out, forgotten, and lost under the piles of glitzy glamour most humans chase, then I am here for YOU. You’re not alone and you’re certainly not what mainstream society has told you you are — you are infinitely powerful and I need you to awaken so we can all live in balance with the Earth again.

This is the key: Empaths are here to bring balance to a dying Earth society. Healing is inevitable when balance returns to any system. This is your purpose, your path. Awaken, Brave Empath and join me.

Be well, beautiful soul. I pray to one day stand beside you, creating this new Earth for the future of humankind.


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