About Zane

About Zane Wheeler, CCHt

Hello, my name is Zane Wheeler and I am honored to have a wonderful career that allows me to aid my clientele in accomplishing great feats of healing by aligning them with intrinsic forms of wisdom straight from within their own constitution. The Alchemical work I teach to my clients - also referred to as 'The Great Work' - uses inner guidance in the form of Archetypal personas. These 'Guides' will perform specific duties and possess unique personalities and specializations which provide a solid foundation of inspiration and intuition from within that far eclipses any aid that could be received from without. Essentially, I help my wonderful clients discover their own unique, incredibly wise and effective therapists within themselves!


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My background in Energy Healing and Bodywork Therapy also allows me to perform Somatic Healing with the greatest of ease and the utmost efficacy, helping my clients discover and clear the underlying causes of chronic pain, injury, and even disease!

Alchemical Hypnosis (the theoretic basis of my work) has absolutely changed my life. I am a child of divorce who struggled for many years with emotional imbalance. It wasn't until I was graced with the protocols of Emotional Clearing therapy that I could fully heal from these experiences. I am also a recovering chemical dependent of five years clean and sober and I have found Alchemy to be an incredible supplement to the Twelve-Step process, with which I am intimately familiar.

I am so grateful that I have discovered a form of therapy that is not only effective and efficient but has the power to clear the causes which create and perpetuate addiction in the first place! It is my aim as a Spiritual Life Coach to help those whose struggle I've shared, and walk them through the process of aligning with their own amazing internal archetypes as they walk their road toward emotional purity in the golden sun of Alchemy. I am your perpetually grateful guide upon the Golden Road.

Zane is a Certified Clinical and Alchemical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Life Coach, Consulting Hypnotist, and Somatic Healing Practitioner who has been a student of the healing arts since 2001. His interests in the ancient art of Alchemy propelled him into the study of this amazing technology in 2014. He found himself at the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis under the auspices of one David Quigley, the creator of Alchemical Hypnosis. As a happy, lifelong resident of Sonoma County, Zane currently practices Trancework in beautiful northern California.

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