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An online initiatic experience for those looking to authenticate their life. S2SO pushes the limits of your understanding of reality to help you grow beyond your past. Your pain can only define you for so long before you break free and become who you're destined to be. This course is designed to expedite that process. 

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An Online Course Like None Other...

From Zane Wheeler, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Esoteric Life Coach comes Shadow to Shine Online. 8-Weeks of healing curriculum filled with sophisticated self-hypnotic processes based on the immutable Hermetic Principals. A true fusion of ancient wisdom teachings with modern mental healing technology.



Simply put: This program is for spiritual seekers of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds that know they have a purpose here but don't seem to know how to realize it. 

If you've suffered and persevered: (a) there's a reason you survived, and (b) others are in the midst of your past suffering right now. Your triumph is a story of healing worth telling. Ever thought you could save lives with your story?

I walked the path of minor service for many years: helping someone cope with a loss, coaching a couple clients into success here or there; not really making the splash I wanted. 

No longer. Now my life is one of Successful Service as a Spiritual Influencer. Shadow to Shine Online is a path to the limelight, to find the tribe you're destined to help heal. To make a living doing what you love. To see your magical ripple finally changing the world. 


A Uniquely Satisfying Answer

Shadow to Shine Online is an integrated approach to breaking the trance of society's influence over you to remind you of your true power and purpose. 

The solution is simple, really:

- You have a feeling your efforts could be more influential; more service-oriented.

- You feel like the ultimate solution may be right around the corner.

- THE TRUTH IS: the solution lies within you. Let's help you heal, build confidence, and step out in the RIGHT WAY. 

 This Program is designed to awaken your sense of Inner Divinity that is just waiting to come to the surface.

This piece of the Divine in YOU is who takes the reins when we Influence on a large scale - it's not about you in the Ego sense, it's about the bigger, infinite YOU who wants to serve from a place of LOVE.



"This course helped me gather tools for self communication which led to healing. Not only has it taught some amazing basics but the tools can be used forever and can be adapted in many ways. These tools have enabled me to overcome fear of speaking up, recognizing childhood traumas that were impacting my spiritual growth now and Last but not least, the coaching as well as fellow shiners are family. Growing w pain and joy together!! Learning to be open, sharing ripples, sharing worries and helping each other refocus. Coach Zane and motivational coach Noel are vulnerable, knowledgeable, and inspiring. If you desire to heal yourself, if you know that you have a greater purpose, and if you want to help others... this is the course for you. Let yourself learn and SHINE!!!"

Tracey S.
Awakening Empath, PA

Your Weekly Curriculum

S2SO's incredible Curriculum is designed to break the patterns, behaviors, and belief structures of your unfulfilling life and empower you to choose a new one. 


  • 1-2 Riveting Lecture Videos dedicated to the theme of each Week. Lectures are designed to initiate you into advanced forms of inner work to heal the pain of the past and integrate its lessons.
  • Motivational Support to aid you in your success from my amazing wife, Coach Noel, Health and Lifestyle Coach.
  • Guided Audio Meditations and Journeys aligned with the inner work of each Week's Theme.
  • Integration Videos released toward the end of each Week to wrap-up the learnings and elevate your success.
  • High Vibe Living at-home task lists dedicated to replacing old, outdated behaviors and perceptions with a new, empowering paradigm. 

Watch an exclusive SNEAK PEAK of the curriculum below!


"I didn’t even start this course thinking I would become a spiritual influencer. It never even crossed my mind that I would change career paths when this is all said and done. I did this to better myself. This course is absolutely incredible. Zane and Noel make an amazing team together. The course and the meditations are short enough to incorporate into a busy schedule (I even moved jobs and states and got married in the 8 weeks of the course). But just because the lessons aren’t long doesn’t mean you won’t get a ton out of it. The growth is tremendous. Our group even kind of synched up and just when you thought you were the only one going through something, another would post what they’re going through and you ended up helping each other. Zane is a patient teacher and is very realistic in expectations. If you start to get off track or you find trouble with doing the work, you have Noel to help. At the end, you become a stronger, more independent version of yourself but you also have a community to help you when times get tough. Do you have 4 hours a week to give to yourself? If so, you absolutely won’t regret it.""

Lindsay H.
Awakening Empath, FL

Go your own way...

Whether you're destined to write an award-winning book or create a paradigm-altering course, blog, or podcast, YOU'RE HERE FOR A REASON. S2SO is designed to awaken your sense of confidence and intuition to finally walk your path boldly and successfully.

"I began working with Zane during a health crisis. I had been diagnosed with unknown autoimmune, was at a very low point in life and could not make sense of anything anymore. I reached out to him not knowing how or if he could help. After speaking with him, I enrolled in the Shadow to Shine Online Program. What an amazing journey!! I considered myself aware and awake prior to joining the group but the program literally changed my life! I reclaimed my personal power. I no longer live in fear. I freely love and accept others where they are and have learned to protect my energy, amongst many other valuable lessons. I regained my health as well as clarity and purpose in life and discovered gifts I never knew I had. I cannot say enough positive things about this group! No matter what I was feeling or going through, I always felt safe and supported. Zane and the Shadow to Shine community facilitated my spiritual growth. If you are wondering if you should work with Zane or if this community is right for you, just as I once pondered, I encourage you to just go for it. Try it! You will learn so much about yourself, the world and your purpose. You have nothing to lose except fear!"

Denise S.
CMT, Awakening Empath

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Remember that the road ahead can be an arduous one - it has to be to achieve true healing, so S2SO calls out to the brave, coachable, humble, and resourceful seeker. If this is you, PLEASE PROCEED!

An avid, lifelong seeker and student of the esoteric, Zane, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, devotes his professional energy toward the healing of the fragmented human psyche - what Jung called the Soul. Zane, also a self-identifying Empath, is acutely aware of the struggle of such sensitives in these chaotic times. S2SO is his response to this struggle. With applied Hermetics and proven hypnotherapeutic techniques, Zane weaves an occult tapestry of healing and service, unlike any other course, priming Empaths to not only survive - but to THRIVE.

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